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March 2011: Microsoft launch Small Business Server 2011.  This latest version of the best business software ever written builds on the success of Windows Server 2008R2 to give businesses with up to 75 employees brilliant business productivity at a very affordable price.

2011: Is this the year of the Cloud?  If you need help with understanding the Cloud and what it may be able to do for your business then we can help.

January 2011: Windows 7 is the preferred operating system.  XP was great but Windows 7 is better. Most new PCs now have Windows 7 installed as standard.



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From helpful advice, through build, to completion and beyond, we provide the important services you need for your IT systems and computers.   As IT becomes more complex and all embracing we can provide the services you need Whatever the size of the problem we have most services in-house, and if not we can find someone who can.  

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