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Have a bubble-gum - six colors to choose from!

Just like a bowl of candy...

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Blue is one of the most common main colors in webdesign. It is so common that it is considered very non-trendy today. But it is still a soft and nice color that does no harm - and also my favorite color. So andreas09, which is the last design in the andreasXX series in a while, is aqua blue by default. But there is a twist:

If you don't like the blue colors you can easily change to another color using any of the attached alternative background image pairs: green, orange, purple, red or black! The alternative images are located in a separate folder, and changing color is done by replacing the bodybg.jpg and menuhover.jpg colors in the "img" folder with any pair of images from the "alt-img" folder. Pick a color, move the files and make sure that they have the same filename as the original files - and you're done! As a little bonus, I have also included an alternative layout with 2 columns.

A free website template

This template is released as a completely free XHTML/CSS template, which means that you are allowed to use it in any way you may want to without any limitations or obligations at all. I kindly ask you to leave the credit link in the footer (the line that says "Original design by Andreas Viklund") since that is a great way of supporting my work.

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