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March 2011: Microsoft launch Small Business Server 2011.  This latest version of the best business software ever written builds on the success of Windows Server 2008R2 to give businesses with up to 75 employees brillant business productivity at a very affordable price.

2011: Is this the year of the Cloud?  If you need help with understanding the Cloud and what it may be able to do for your business then we can help.

January 2011: Windows 7 is the preferred operating system.  XP was great but Windows 7 is better. Most new PCs now have Windows 7 installed as standard.




When computers are important to your personal productivity then you need our support.

The smartphone and tablet computer have done much to blur the lines between business use of computers and your personal life. If your a busy person you rely on your devices to make things happen. If they have a problem then call us. We can help.MobilePhoneJuggling



Getting your Work-Life balance right is not easy.  There is always something which needs to be completed or information to be passed on to someone.  We can help you to make the best use of your valuable personal time by having the most productive environment at your fingertips.  Documents can be made to follow rather than you chasing them.  We can set up Remote Access to your office system so you can start early or grab a document before an important meeting. 

We can deliver our service in the way whcih suits your needs.  At your office, at your home, remotely or via a managed service were we will proactively ensure everything is working at its best before you start your day. 


The next big thing in evryone's life is going to be the merging of entertainment and computing power.  Some of the leading items are the iTV, XBox, Connect,Upgrading streaming video, Skype, to name but a few.  If you are an early adopter and need help give us a call.  







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